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Recently I had someone ask me, "who is the disheveled chef?"  


I was somewhat in disbelief as she was staring right at my card with my name on it,  "Me!"  "You?" "Yep, it's me."  I am the Disheveled Chef.  


I love to cook.  My mother was a chef, and every time I create in the kitchen, I think of her.  When I am shopping and see a new gadget, I think of her.  


I am not going to say it was easy having a culinary queen for a mother, especially when I was young.  All I wanted to eat was burgers, fries, and shakes.  But not mom—he would be in the kitchen cooking everything Julia Childs! 


Today, I create through food. Designing the perfect Shabbat meal, deciding which ingredient can make an average dish pop, or planning staple foods for the week falls under the category of "Creating." 


If it's not fresh, plant-based, or whole food, it is not prepared in my kitchen.  

I have a YouTube video feed. Recipes are created in real-time with whatever is in the kitchen. 


For example, the Zucchini Fettuccini video was made at 11:00 pm after arriving home from teaching, the Thanksgiving trio was one quick video that turned into three, and I just made it in time for Thanksgiving dinner, the Almond Cappuccino was filmed at 2:00 in the morning—an act of love ensuring that my guest had a safe and awake drive home.  


Videos are not preplanned.  Many are spur of the moment! 


Warning:  You may laugh and totally relate ... so get your writing pad, take notes, and let's get healthy together!  


Email me with any questions.


I hope you enjoy this site and continue to grow your journey into a whole food plant-based life! 


The Disheveled Chef

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