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I have always loved sweets, but they have not always loved me...that is until I started eating raw.  Now, I can indulge (and you can too) in guilt free zone with raw brownies, chocolate cake, apple pie, mousses, puddings, etc.  All dairy free and sugar free --- now that's a real treat!  Below are a few recipes to get you started.   (If you are starting 2014 with a juice fast and have a special occassion, instead of eating a piece of sugary cake serve a raw one instead and you will not fall of the juice wagon! )

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

1 1/2 C Cashews, unsoaked

1 tsp of Sea Salt

3/4 C pitted Medjool dates

1/2 C semi-sweet chocolate chips

You will need a food processor fitted with S blade for this recipe.  (You can use your nutribullet or vitamix)


First, place cashews and salt in processor and coarsely grind. 

Second, add dates and process until mixture sticks together

Third, add chocolate and pulse several times


You can then press them into round cookie shapes or bar shapes and place on plate or warp in plastic wrap.  You can also use cupcake/muffic paper holders, roll into balls and place in the cupcake skin.  Dough will keep for one month refrigerated or three months frozen. 


Most of the foundational recipes I am sharing began with Jennifer Cornbleet's book Raw Food Made Easy.  I highly recommend this book.  You can order from her site or from Amazon, B&N, etc. 

Chocolate Malt

2 Frozen Bananas (thawed for 5 min and broken into pieces)

1 C Hemp Milk (see blog recipe)

3 Tbsp Unsweetened Regular Cocoa or Carob

1 Tbsp of Maca powder (optional)

Pinch of Sea Salt

OMG - if you like chocolate shakes now you can have two or three a day without any guilt! I love this recipe which can be modified to your tastebuds!


Just put all these ingredients into our high speed blender and blend away!  Want it extra cold add ice! 


Drink immediately! 


P.S. if you are on a juice fast and have a special occassion, make this shake for a treat instead of a milk shake or jamba juice smoothie.  More nutritious and you won't fall away from your commitment. 

Flourless Chocolate Cake

1 1/2 C Walnuts or Pecans, unsoaked

Pinch of Sea Salt

8 pitted Medjool dates, unsoaked

1/2 C of Unsweetened Cocal or Carob

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

2 tsp of water

1/2 C fresh rasberries, for garnsih

Blend walnuts and salt in food processor fitted with an S blade.  Add the dates, cocoa powder, and vanilla extract and process until sticks together.  Add water and process briefly.  Transfter to serving plate and form into cake or cupcakes.  Add the Rasberries as garnish.



Chocolate Mousse/ Buttercream Frosting

Jennifer Cornbleet has an amazing Chocolate Mousse recipe that can be turned into a buttercream frosting by omitting the water.  Click here for the recipe

This recipe is made with avocados!  Who would have known that Avocados act like butter and are neutral in taste.  Hence they take on the flavor of the ingredients and create delicious desserts!


You can lighten this mousse by adding 1/2 C of Cashew Vanilla Creme.


I add 1/4 C of pitted Medjool or Tunisian dates to my Cashew Vanilla Creme-- and blend. 

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