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with Hadas!

Make amazing, mouthwatering

dishes in no time.

HI! It's Hadas, the Disheveled Chef!

Why the Disheveled Chef? Watch one video to find out! 🫣


Back in the day, cooking was a hobby—now it's a lifestyle!  💃


In March 2013, my life was changed by two videos, Forks over Knives 🍴and Fat, Sick, 🤢 and Nearly Dead.  


It was an Ahah moment when I realized that a whole food plant-based diet could reverse the course of any disease and significantly aid in weight loss. 🥳


And if that wasn't an eye-opener 👀 my exposure to a raw food diet changed my life! 

Now, after 10 years I have found a balance ⚖️ between whole foods (including minimal dairy & meat) plant-based, and raw foods.

Inside I share it all. 💯

Delicious whole food, plant-based 🥦, healthy dairy 🧀, healthy meat 🍗, raw food 🥒 recipes, and snacks.

Plus anti-aging healing juices and smoothies to help you find the wholesome lifestyle that fits YOU! ❤️


Whole Food Meals

Save Time, Save Money

Eat Right! 

"While you are well, govern your appetite, and see that you do not allow it what is bad for you. . . For sickness comes with overeating, and gluttony brings on nausea. Through lack of self-control many have died, but the abstemious one 
prolongs life."  
Wisdom of Ben Sira 37:27-31
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