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My Favorite and Fastest Green Smoothie: Kaleicious

Hi Everyone, on January 6th there are several of us starting Juice fasts. Some are going for 21 days, 30 days and even 45 and 60 days! If you want to join the fast and get great juice recipes make sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

Here is my favorite and fastest green smoothie: Kaleicious

1/2-1C of Freshly Juiced or Cold Pressed, Not from Concentrate, Organic Apple Juice (Whole Foods has gallon for $8.99 or you can try Simply Apple Pure Pressed) Of course, you can always juice to Apples in your juicer--which is always the best choice!

1 C of Spinach (handful)

1 C of Kale* (handful)

1/2 Lemon ( I leave at at least half of peel on )

1/2 Banana (fresh or frozen)

1/2 Cup of Filtered Water

Blend in High Speed Blender -preferrably a Vitamix, Blendtex, Ninja Pro, or Nutribullet*.

If you like your smoothies nice and cold make sure to add ice before or after you do your first blend. I always add ice as I like mine nice and cold!

*Kale and Spinach should be organic and triple washed. If you purchase Kale that is not organic

*If you are using a Nutrabullet you may want to cut back the greens to 1/2 C of each--for whatever reason it does pulverize the greens well if there are too many.

I will write a separate blog on Kitchen Equipment for Juicing.

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