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This morning I was checking on some ingredients to make the dessert from Rawmazing (my next post) and I came accross this review on Amazon under Healthworks Maca Powder.

by Smoky

"Maca has several health benefits including improving fertility, sexual function, digestion, brain and nervous system physiology and energy levels. But the effect that was most pronounced for me was balancing my hormones. I had amenorrhea for years which was completely resolved within a month after I started taking Maca daily (over a decade ago). It's been an *essential* part of my supplementation ever since.

My sister resolved her hot flashes just as quickly after taking it. If you're perimenopausal I would definitely recommend at least giving it a try before you try any pharmaceuticals to get rid of your hot flashes, etc.

Maca is safe and no adverse drug reactions have ever been encountered using it from what I've researched.As for the taste, I personally have yet to encounter a Maca I didn't like and use it as a condiment and sprinkle it over my food, cooked veggies, etc. My sister however hates the taste so she mixes it into a smoothie." [end of review]

I noted this review because I have experienced the simmilar results. Women and even younger girls today struggle with serious imbalances in their hormones. This can be due to perimenopause or menopause, but our diets often contribute to hormonal imbalance, especially because of the antibiotics and hormones added to meats, GMO foods, i.e. corn and soy, and preservatives. Maca is a suberp supplement in helping to balance hormones quickly as well as give you sustained energy. A tsp is recommended and it has been my experience that 1-2 tsp is all you need. Too much Maca can be counter productive, so don't over do it--moderation is the key with everything! Besides it will last longer.

The Maca highlighted in this post is great quality and half the price of whole foods. I am an Amazon Prime Member which gives me free shipping--if you order a lot from Amazon Prime is a great investment!

Maca is just one of the five superfoods I will posting about in the future. Now lets get one with the rawamazing post!

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