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Raw Vegan Hamantaschen

Its Purim and nothing gives your more pleasure than eating Haman! Hamantaschen that is. Well, since I am 80% raw and definitely on the vegan side--no more refined Hamantaschen for me, but finding a raw hamantaschen? Can it be done? Yes, thanks to Living Vision.

Check out their site and this recipe of Raw Hamantaschen!

Purim starts tonight! The story of the book of Esther and the great victory obtained by the Jewish people over the Persian empire anti-Semitic voice Haman. What makes this story amazing is that the central characters are Mordechai, a prominent Jew and member of the Sanhedrin and his niece, Esther a hidden Jew in the King's palace. Together, through prayer and fasting they make it their business to intercede for their people, the Jews of Persia--no matter what the cost! Persia is still a threat to house of Israel today and the solution, like in the days of Esther, remains the same--intercession!


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