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Why You Should Not Eat French Fries

Last night I drove through the Kentucky Fried Chicken drive through to see if there was anything I could eat that would be "whole food plant based." I was hungary, all the restaurants were closed, and the thought of eating any fast food was and is nauseating.

Well, I noticed they had weggie fries -- So I linked Potato with whole foods and ordered a small order that satisfied my hungar. Well, I woke up this morning and had this thought, "What's wrong with eating French Fries?" Well, here is what I found:

There is a cancer causing chemical "Acrylamide" that is put in the french fries we order rastaurant that does not make their own fries.

Acrylamide was known to cause cancer in lab animals when ingested at high doses. So when researchers announced a decade ago that they had also discovered it in many commonly eaten foods — including French fries, potato chips, bread and even coffee — consumers were understandably worried that their snack chips might do them in.

Acrylamide, it turns out, turns up in foods (mostly plant-based ones) when they are fried, baked or otherwise cooked at high temperatures. It forms from sugars and an amino acid naturally found in food, as part of the Maillard Reaction (that's the chemical reaction that transforms the flavor and color of food when cooked). In other words, it has been in our foods probably for as long as we've been cooking, but we didn't know it until a little over a decade ago. (Acrylamide, by the way, is also a known neurotoxin in humans, but the WHO says the levels found in food don't pose a concern on that front.)

"We found a suggestion that it might increase ovarian and endometrial cancer, but we found nothing for breast and nothing for prostate," Wilson says.

Wilson says the one study that did find a connection between blood levels of acrylamide and breast cancer was flawed because it didn't control for smoking — which is probably one of the main routes of acrylamide exposure for smokers, according to the American Cancer Society. But, she says, there's a need for more of these blood-based research studies to investigate acrylamide in food.

Still, even though the human research hasn't pinpointed much of a cancer risk from eating acrylamide, the National Toxicology Program lists it as "reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen," because of those animal studies.If you're still worried, the FDA and other public health groups say the best defense is to follow the general advice on healthful eating, including going easy on fried and fatty foods.

And as for french fries? As Wilson notes: "You probably shouldn't be eating them for a lot of other reasons than acrylamide content."

Excerpts from Article: Remember 'French Fries Cause Cancer'? Here's The Acrylamide Update by MARIA GODOY November 21, 201310:14 AM

Why French Fries are One of the Most Unhealthy Foods?

French fries served in American restaurants often come dipped in corn oil even before they are fried. Processed corn oil is considered one of the worst kinds of oils for the human body. Aside from the saturated fat, corn oil has 60 times more inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids than Omega-3s.Foods that have been fried in hydrogenated vegetable oils like corn, canola and soybean oil are especially damaging to our health. The polyunsaturated fats they contain become rancid with the constant heating and reheating that degrades their structure. These unnatural and heat damaged fats are strongly implicated in promoting inflammation within your body that is the starting point of many common health problems and diseases.

Exercerpt from Are French Fries One of The Most Unhealthy Foods You Eat? Health Ambition.


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