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The soon to be famous Popcorn


Warning: This is addictive and patented so do not try to steal my recipe! But you can definitely make it! And this is a weight loss snack so enjoy!

Remember the day of the Air popcorn popper? I will never forget our days in Chicago when we flat broke and prayed for everything. One afternoon we made list of all the things we wanted to have in for our ACE school and then added somethings for the house. One of those items was an air popcorn popper. That night we happened to notice one of the items (a round table) leaning against a big green dumpster. (In Chicago you had dumpster behind your apartment building)

We were so excited that we opened up the dumpster and we were shocked! Every single item on our list was in the dumpster! Including unopened games for the children and a coat rack! Yes, we asked for a coat rack. And then we saw it--the air popcorn popper! We could not wait to get that into the apartment, wash it up and enjoy our low calorie popcorn. Our excitement ended the minute we ate the popcorn--is that disgusting or what? It tastes so bland, maybe like cardboard--how can you enjoy that for a snack? Can anyone relate? So, what did we do? We added a ton of butter and salt -- so much for the low calorie air popped pocorn!

Now, I have created a new version that will aid in weight loss and is so delicious you will have to control your popcorn addiction!


For this recipe all you need is an air popcorn popper, Organic Coconut oil and Celtic Sea Salt.

  • Pop poppcorn in air popcorn popper

  • Pour 1-2 Tablespoons of in the Coconut oil into that little container ontop of your popcorn popper (the place where the butter goes) Once melted or in liquid state pour over popcorn

  • Sprinkle to taste Celtic Sea Salt

  • Then to really mix it up put in paper bag and shake (this is how you loose wieght--just kidding)

And enjoy--Write me and tell us if that is not the best popcorn you have every had!

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