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Amazing Banana Walnut Muffins

These are not ordinary muffins. The recipe was snagged for thebigmansworld website and perfected by me (not that his aren't really good they are just the chocolate version).

I just happen to love love love Banana Bread, the kind mom used to make. Today, Banana Bread is so sweet and often made with Banana flavoring added to the Banana Mix. So much for good old fashioned cooking. So, when I saw this recipe I thought hmmm, wonder if we could make good old fashioned banana bread with just three ingredients! And not only is the answer yes, it is every bit as good as moms and a ton healthier!

Can you imagine? No sugar, No flour, No Eggs, No Dairy! What's in them, well let's get baking!

A Single Recipe makes 2 Muffins (I usually double or even quadruple each time beginning with 4 bananas, which makes a good 5-6 muffins depending on how large your muffin tin or cup is!

The Amazing Banana Walnut Recipe

1 Banana,

2T almond Butter,

2 pinches of grey sea salt,

1/2 tsp vanilla

1/4 C Walnuts (add after the initial blend)

Blend the above ingredients (minus the walnuts) in Food Processor with the S blade. After mixture becomes creamy like cake batter (yummy), add 1/4 C Walnuts and pulse a few times! Bake 275 for about 20 minutes Optional: I also add 1 full scoop of plant based protein powder (vanilla or chocolate) to the 4 bananas. I love Garden of Life vanilla or chocolate! I will also use a Vanilla Pea Protein Powder for cooking because its not grainy, adds protein, and doesn't really alter the flavor. I usually do 4 bananas in a batch and keep in fridge. I always add Walnuts last and pulse otherwise they grind to fine. (Add 1/4 C water if to thick) To make Chocolate version just add 2T cocoa powder per Banana! Great Passover Recipe no flour!

I love this muffin holders. They're pretty and don't need tins for baking. You can bake in them up to 325 degrees or 200 here in Israel. There less than $3.00 (the price you see is in shekels) and there's 22 of them.

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