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Ready for a Kitchen Makeover?

Ready for a Successful Kitchen Makeover?

Have you every secretly wanted to win a beauty makeover? I must say that there are awesome before and afters that send the “wow” chills through you! It’s precisely at that moment you think, “oh, would I love to do that, but. . .I wouldn’t want them to touch my hair or that style is not good on me, or . . . and the list goes on.

Now, Have you ever watched a kitchen makeover video and thought, oh I would love to get healthy—I would love to organize my kitchen like that, but . . . I really can’t afford to eat healthy, I would be throwing out so much food, or . . .my family would hate me.

The excuses are limitless. As a friend who listens to the sagas of other peoples lives, there is one thing that I find standing in between those who do and those who don’t—the word, “but.” Some call them excuses and yes, they are. However, to my friends those excuses are “real obstacles.” And, until we work through them they aren’t going away.

For me, it’s not just the success of others that helps me break through barriers or even listening to experts - it’s the “ahah moment” that is usually accompanied by a research study or a statistic.

I remember watching the movie Forks Over Knives and putting away meat and dairy for good. That movie and the medical statistics backing up their claims literally caused me to change my eating habits overnight.

Now, I have modified those changes over the years according to new research and learning more about what my body can and cannot tolerate. However, there is one change that cannot be avoided if you are going to win the battle over unhealthy and overweight. What is it? Your kitchen!

Your kitchen is more than a room in the house used to store, prepare and cook food. It’s your nutritional center—your Whole Foods, Nutrition Smart or local health food store. It is the one place in your home that daily choices are made to optimize or destroy your health and the health of your family.

So, how are we going to makeover your kitchen? We are going to start by understanding food labels including macronutrients, foods, preservatives and storage. You also need to know your gadgets, tools and appliances needed to succeed! The rest, just think of how you’re going to bless the local charity.

If you have not checked out my new course RegenerateMeNow or gone to do it now. Now only will your learn about inflammation, but you learn the basics of everything you need to know to get off the weight loss pendulum, heal your gut health, but also you become part of our Facebook group and get tons of tips, recipes and help like I share in the video below!

Watch the Video on removing inflammatory foods now.

What do you replace these foods with? Check out my Keto Kit!

Before you go, I want to highlight five very important take aways:

  1. Always Read the Ingredients

  2. The first ingredient, what is it? That’s what you’re digesting the most of.

  3. Take carbs at face value - don’t deduct fiber and sugar alcohols. That’s not a lifestyle change, that’s a way to keep indulging without guilt.

  4. Anything ending in an ose or os is sugar. There are now between 56 and 100 names for sugar. It’s not your friend.

  5. Macronutrient proportions should be 70% healthy fats, 10-15 carbs and 10-15 protein. (Watch those carbs!)

Want more tips check out this article from Eat This Not That.

Until next time, Let’s move our lives forward!


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