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What's In Your Celery?

Hi Everyone!

Right now I am juicing celery juice every morning (well for the last 3 days). it is so nasty tasting I have to take a sip of Rooibos tea after every few sips. Well, I always say, "if it's nasty tasting find something else" - with this exception "Celery Juice!" When you deep dive into this little plant that, has always been our "go-to diet hors d'oeuvre" with peanut butter, cream cheese, dates, and (if you remember) the Kraft Easy Cheese that added that "fancy look to your Celery," - you are blown away at its health benefits! Yep, celery as our "diet go-to" is now obsolete. What now? It's becoming our "life-style go-to" Check out the video below!

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