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Day 1 Meals of 21 Day Challenge

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

As I start this challenge, I am going to be focusing on five things:

1. Preparation Time

2. Taste

3. How do I feel when I finish the meal?

4. My state of being, psychology

5. Am I seeing results--immediately

Secondly, I am using the Intermittent fasting technique -- which means that I will eat within a 5-8 hour window every day. My goal is 5 hour window for the next 21 days. Yesterday, I started my 5 hour window. Today, I am starting with the 21 day challenge. This means I will eat between 12-5 or when there are luncheons and dinners planned between 11-4, 3-8 or 5-10. Regardless, I will attempt to eat all my meals in a 5 hour period.

Thirdly, I joined the NOOM diet trial for 14 days. They ask you to spend 10 minutes a day delving into the psychology of dieting, motivation, etc. which they provide. I will do this for the next 14 days and decide whether or not it is worth continuing. So, not only are you following me to see how effective Kristina Raw's 21 day challenge is, you are also getting a fair review of the NOOM Diet and an 80% discount on my health course RegenenerateMeNow which has helped hundreds overcome ailments, autoimmune diseases, and weight fluctuation.

These five observations plus NOOM will help me shape my assessment of the challenge and give you insights into what you can expect if you choose to do a similar challenge!

So let's start with today's breakfast (which I juiced at 12:00)

Meal 1: Green Juice

The juice consists on one apple, a head of celery, 1 large lemon, 1 handful of cilantro, 2 cucumbers, 1 large thumb size of ginger, 1 large handful of kale

It took me 15 minutes to prepare and juice, I am still drinking it after one hour (because I am busy putting together this blog), I feel full and content and my focus is amazing -- Yes, I feel amazing after drinking this juice (and I still have more to go!) See you in the next meal!

Meal 2: Blackberry Coconut Smoothie

Another fast meal to make, maybe 5 minutes. I added 4 bananas (2 frozen and 2 fresh), frozen blackberries 1/3 C Coconut milk, 1/3 Coconut Water, 1 scoop of vanilla Sunwarrior protein powder and blended up, topped it with cacao nibs. It was delicious.

BecauseI have a nutribullet I had to create the smoothie in 2 steps - first I blended the bananas with the coconut milk and water and poured the mixture into a large mason jar, and then I blended the blackberries with 1/3 cup of almond milk and protein powder and mixed it all together --add the coco nibs on top!

Since I am trying to eat in a 5 hour window, I made the smoothie just after finishing the green juice. It was filling and very satisfying -- felt amazing after finishing it.

Also did a 30 minute Boosted Walk At Home session. If you haven't checked out Walk at Home on You Tube - Make sure you do it! It's fantastic. Here's one of the videos.

Meal 3: lettuce with an Avocado Pine Nut Dip

Well, this was different. Prep time was probably 5-7 minutes. I added an Avocado (although the recipe called for 3 - I only had one ripe) , 1/4 C pine nuts, handful of Kale, 1/4 C Lemon Juice (I would cut it down to 1/8 next time), 1 clove of garlic and 1 small bunch of basil, Large pinch of Celtic Sea Salt --( a little coconut water to ease the blend). The Dip was Delicious -- I took a whole head of Romaine Lettuce and dipped each piece in the dip -- it was delicious, satisfying and made me feel amazing.


Here's what I learned. Because each meal is raw and the quantities large, it took me much longer to eat or drink than normal.

I am a fast eater to begin with so I can sip it up or eat it up quick. It took me around a hour to drink the green juice, around 30 minutes to drink the blackberry smoothie, and another 45 minutes to eat the dip and leaves --- in between I had to do my live broadcast and teach a class.

Because of my broadcast was at 5-6 and my class was at 7, I didn't make dinner until 6:15 and was rushing to finish before my class. So I actually at in a 7 hour window instead of a 5 and that's ok -- keeping your eating between 5-8 hours is a very good window I want to reach for 5 hours as its the most effective way of staying in Ketosis through intermittent fasting, however that is not always possible!

Ok, I'll See you tomorrow on Day 2!

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