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Day 1 of Kristina Raw's 21 Day Challenge

Well, here we are at the beginning of 2020 with our list of "2020 goals." On my list, which is on list every year, a healthier, thinner, younger looking me! To reach that goal apparent (to all) insurmountable obstacles have appeared over and over throughout the years. This year I am trying something new. A simple method called, "Believe."

First, a healthier me means more consistency in food choices. I already am a conscientious eater--whole foods, plant based, and good choices most of the time. However, bread and desserts can easily side track me -- even the healthy versions. And as an extremely social person, I find myself giving into the "happy, celebratory" moments with friends and family -- all too often. The old adage, "if you can't be them, join them" raises its ugly presence all too often!

This year I thought, I don't want to join them--I want them to join me and together we all become a better, move vibrant us! So, I am running after you--to get in front of you with the proven health and weight loss goals I know work form my own course RegnerateMeNow, learning new psychology from Noom and improving my health with a return to an all whole raw food challenge--and no one does raw food better than Kristina Raw. I will say that my mentor Jennifer Cornbleet and Susan from rawmazing -- are on par with Kristina in food preparation and taste -- wow. However, Kristina's app (available on AppStore and Android) and support system for living a raw food lifestyle is second to none.

I am a RawFood Chef. And if there is one way of eating that makes you feel amazing all the time it is RawFood Plant Based Diet. Second best and more practical is Whole Food Plant Based that allows you cooked foods. Third best is a combination of Raw and Cooked with wild caught Fish added to the mix. Fourth is the two combinations with grass fed, grass finished meat added. There is no best or better combinations that include dairy, processed foods and oils, processed grains, or processed sugars.

So, if you want to take this challenge with me, get the app and follow. I will be blogging my results, cheats and feels as often as possible -- hopefully every day!

See you the 10 lbs lighter section,


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