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Day 2 Meals of 21 Day Challenge

Updated: May 7, 2020

I started the day weighing in and reading my NOOM app. I set up triggers to ensure I don't fall off the wagon. Today I am suppose to connect with my coach, I'll let you know how that goes.

I lost around 1/2 pound and feeling good and alert. Grabbed a glass of water first thing and an espresso with no milk. You can drink non-caloric drinks before your eating time zone!

Today is Shabbat and because Shabbat dinner is around 7 tonight, I will use the 8 hour eating window. I'll post the days results later! See you then!

Meal 1: Breakfast Fennel Ball Green Juice

This juice is deliciously different! Its combination consists of 1 Fennel bulb, 5 cucumbers, 1 medium lime, 2 large thumb size pieces of ginger, 3 apples, handful of kale and a handful of spinach, handful of mint. After drinking you feel wow, amazing! So much energy! Prep time: 10 minutes

One thing I did notice after drinking is that an hour later I was ravishingly hungry and craving something salty. I actually cheated with a large handful of organic kettle potato chips and 1/4 block of Tofu -- I was so hungry that I just grabbed what was already prepared even though it was time to prepare my next meal. Those two things took away my hunger - next time I think I'll add a pinch of sea salt to compensate for salty.

Meal 2: Lunch Kristina Raw Nice Cream

Nice Cream

Looks Amazing Right? It is Amazing! You can watch the video on how to make it. In essence, you take 5 bananas (frozen or fresh -- or a combination of both!), add some coconut or nut milk of choice, raspberries (I used blackberries because its what I had in Freezer, 1 scoop of sun-warrior vanilla protein powder, and blend. Take half of your berries, thaw and fold them into the mixture. Or you can just blend the bananas and raspberries separately and fold them in together. Either way its insanely delicious! Prep time is 5 minutes.

I was nervous that the bananas would cause me to get a sugar high and then crash -- not so! I have made this several times now as a meal and each time I find it gives me incredible energy and focus! In addition, it is so filling you'll be hard pressed to finish it! My yummy favorite!

Meal 3: Shabbat Dinner

Shabbat Dinner is every Friday night and I do not follow a raw or whole food plant based diet on Shabbat. The main reason is that I am often invited to others homes and they rarely serve raw foods, however many have healthy meals just not whole food plant based.

Last nights menu was several courses and the food was delicious! We had a homemade wholewheat/Spelt Challah (delicious) -- I had two pieces. The bread was served with homemade dips such as hummus, tahini blended with dill and parsley, spicy carrots, and a Mediterranean red sauce. Following the bread and dips, we had a delicious cooked salmon plate, chicken vegetable soup,roasted chicken, rice, and butternut squash. Dessert was apple strudel and a delicious homemade poppyseed cake.

I arrived home around 11pm and needed a snack. I knew that psychologically the food reaction was most likely filling the void of transitioning from being with wonderful friends to going home alone. Weird huh. I ate a Cliff chocolate protein bar.

One thing I do notice is, that after you eat raw or whole food plant based you tend to be full longer and far less tempted to eat later. There are scientific studies that show that when you eat whole plant based foods your stomach fills up on less food. In other words, a huge meal like I ate last night can actually leave you hungry faster verses eating the same amount of calories consisting of greens, veggies, nuts and seeds, fruits, etc. Another weird but true fact!

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