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It’s Monday -Day 5

Wow it’s Monday! Did you know the choices you make today set your precedence for the whole week?

Truthfully, Sunday should be your reset button, but because of weekend fun default day is Monday!

Today, I started with Dr. walkers Healthy Elixer if carrots, celery, spinach, parsley, ginger, and beets!

Then - we’ll a couple of my favorite friends came over and after enjoying juice together - we moved from my kitchen to the neighborhood mall stcked with restaurants. We chose Agadir Burger - known for being one of the top ten in the world!

I wanted to eat a burger - was craving meat - but chose the mushroom vegan burger instead - removed the bun and ate a few bites! It wasn’t that great and the oil they used was killing my stomach. So I ate the fresh green side salad and the home fries with Spicy Mayo - I love that stuff!!

Here again, since I really didn’t enjoy the meal or eat all of it - I opted in for desert while thinking I should go home and make a nice cream or smoothie.

I ordered what I though was a chocolate covered ice cream bar, but instead it was a frozen nougat bar — non dairy!

First, I do not like nougat! But because my friends opted out of dessert - I felt obligated to eat the whole thing!

Secondly, it was made with non dairy creamer - giving me an instant headache accompanied by prism fog and the beating heart that only a high fat unhealthy dessert can give you!!

instead of leaving feeling amazing - I went home and took an Excedrin to ensure a heart attach did not accompany my diabolical departure from my Taw Food Challenge!!

That was it for me apart from a few macadamian nuts later!

For the most part - I am still intermittent fasting and eating between 5-7 hours!

I have completed all my NOOM homework, looked my weight (which I am down 2 lbs) and logged my food!

My steps were low and no Work out - so must compensate tomorrow!! See you on Tuesday Day 6!

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