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The weekend Days 3 &4

The biggest challenge for any dieter who keeps Shabbat is minimizing breads and desserts that abundantly flood kiddishim and all three Shabbat meals!

so, this past Saturday (Shabbat) - I started with a green juice that I juiced on Friday. Then to a friends for a four hour meal - that’s right we didn’t stop eating and talking for 4 1/2 hours actually. I ate lot of raw food in the way of salads, plus a boiled potato with delicious Sweet green beans and a taste of chicken and mushrooms Casserole (just a taste because the hostess prepared it so beautifully for us and most of us were vegan/vegetarian).

Desserts included chocolate and vanilla cakes and mini chocolate covered vanilla ice cream bars - of which I ate 3 and a sliver of cake!

No pic taking on Shabbat so this post is not too colorful! we ended the night a coffee!


Sunday was another interesting day of raw food eating.

I started the day with a green juice and then rushed to my event whic according to my source was suppose to serve lunch - which was allergy included in the admission price!

No lunch but tables flowing with all kinds of pastries! Fresh raspberry fig bars, chocolate rugelach, chocolate croissants, lots of cookies, etc.

Eventhough I had Cliff Bars (2 of them) and walnuts in purse - the absence of lunch drove me to check out what’s on the pastry table. it was the Raspberry Fig Bars that seduced me - one became two and an I’ll just taste a few of the others. Israeli Pastries and Cup of coffee - heaven (until you feel nauseated).

Feeling undernourished I included the chocolate Cliff bar into the mix!

The conference was amazing - I did eat all my nuts as a snack and concluded the day with Cliff bar two! But apart from my lunch time departure from everything healthy - i did ok under the circumstances!

on my way home I picked up Macadamia nuts - my favorite post or ore meal snack - munched 10 and hoped the 15,000 plus steps I took would neutralize the damage!!

Back to raw tomorrow!!

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