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Tuesday! Totally raw day!

Day 6 of the 21 day challenge! (feel free to go back and read my day1-5 posts)

Today is a “my mind is set” intermittent fasting raw food day! And I need your input!

Question? Do you remember dreamsicles? They’re the mix of orange and vanilla ice cream! whether in ice cream bar, milkshake or smoothie form - I love the flavor combination! How about you?

Well, I got a little creative in the kitchen and came up with a new - awesomely delicious and nutritious version and, - now I am asking you - what should I name it? Let Me Know below!

Here are the ingredients: juiced oranges, frozen bananas, Vanilla Sun Warrior protein, Ashwaganda, Maca powder, Matcha (green tea) powder, Collagen Peptide powder and blend!

It’s so delicious, so Filling - my first thought for a name: Dreamsicle on Steroids, then dreamlicious - but I need you’re input before making a final name choice! And if you are chosen, I’ll highlight your name and story on my blog!

So, again, what do you think we should name this powerhouse?

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