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Favorite Disheveled Products For your kitchen!

Welcome to your one-stop page for all my favorite cooking products.  Searching Amazon for just the right product is so time consuming.  Now you don't have to wonder which is the right product to choose or what is it that I need to buy again? 

Each product is a product I use or recommend for your healthy kitchen to be complete! And by the way, if I don't always post the cheapest product trust me it's because I already bought it and discovered why it was so cheap!  The products chosen are quality, tried and trusted. 

Just so you know, I am an affiliate for Amazon which means I do make a small commission when you buy from this site. The cool thing is though that you're going to pay the same price if you buy directly from Amazon, and this way you are supporting the site so I can provide you with cool recipes, how to videos and even courses! Thank you! 


Spiralizer 5-Blade Vegetable Slicer

Are you looking for the perfect new addition to your kitchen? This is it!  The Spiralizer allows you to turn vegetables into spaghetti, lasagna noodles, wraps, taco trimmings.  The list is endless, just look at the Pics.

The Original SpiraLife Vegetable Spiralizer

Mueller Spiral-Ultra 4-Blade Spiralizer

This is the first Spiralizer I ever bought. It works better than most (I've tried many of them!)  If you just want a quick grab and go tool to help Spiralize your veggies, this is the tool for you. It's for small jobs & 1 person spiraling.  Great to take to work or any even events (when you want to use veggies instead of high Carb pastas!)  It really is a must for every kitchen whether single or more! 

On sale now for around $28.00, normally $75.00.  This is a wonderful, compact Spiralizer that is so simple to use.  After using lots of sideways Spiralizers, this unique design applies pressure downwards instead of sideways, which overall makes more sense.  Personally, I have not used this one yet, (it's not tried and tested), but as soon as I get back to the states I am buying it and taking it back to Israel with me!  If you had one to choose, pick this one--the reviews are fantastic!


Hamilton Beach Food   10-Cup Food Processor

Mountain Lake
Beach Huts
Ferris Wheel
Palm Trees
City Cycle
Misty Slopes

Going Healthy? The Food Processor with S-Blad is the #1 kitchen tool! This asset makes nut butters, amazing raw desserts, the best Marinara in town, and all those things you don't want to pull out your mixer for!  Hamilton Beach is a great brand and affordable. 

Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini Prep Plus Food Processor


Once you get used to using the larger size, you will want to stock up with this mini-version for the small things--garlic, basil, grains, dried fruits, etc. or small quantities.  So, often I've used this to whip up a batch of pesto, guacamole, or a batch of chopped onions.

High Speed Blenders

Vitamix Certified Reconditioned 5300 


Here it is my favorite and most important item for the kitchen: The Vitamix. The Vitamix has the ability to pulverize anything even an iphone!  Seriously, it is my blender of choice for a healthy lifestyle.

Masticating Juicers

Argus LE Masticating Juicer

My Favorite. The wide feed makes prep a breeze! This is an essential for every healthy kitchen!  Right now this juicer is on sale!  Grab it now!  You are saving $180.00.  This creates the highest quality juice that lasts 72 hours in the fridge before oxidating.  And when you are looking at healing your gut and losing weight you need a masticating juicer for delivering the highest quality of micronutrients to your body. 

Ninja 4-in-1 Kitchen System


Now for the serious, the Ninja offers the whole package for living a healthy lifestyle--on a budget. You have the Food Processor, the higher speed blender for smoothies, the spiralizer, and a blender cup for healthy drinks on the go!  It's compact and takes up less counter space.

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